Tuesday, September 6, 2016


6th of September 
I just remembered that I really had a blog. Ohmygod. 
Graduated from a private college with A-Level qualifications, had my heart broken, love and been loved, friends with people I've never met before, went to festivals, wore costumes (cosplay). Been there done that.

So now what is going on? 

I am in constant dilemma and uncertainties. What have I done in two years? I've wasted every single opportunity I had and now I can't go anywhere. I thought everything is going to be okay but it is not. Now this self is regretting every single words she had said, every single move she had done and every single thing she had in mind. This time she had it.

Life is not easy

One can only have it if she really works for it. Felt that I don't deserve better and this is pure luck. I believe that karma is eating me away because of things I've done before. I am not writing this to bring people down but the thing is be righteous. Don't miss any chances in life cause they won't be coming back.

Regret. It is normal.
Rise up. Is the best.